WFPC Student Chapters

After we started out as a student group at the University of Minnesota in 2015, we’ve launched new chapters at high schools and colleges throughout Minnesota. Our on-campus programming is entirely driven by the young folks organizing at these schools. They engage their communities by creating spaces on campus for women and trans & non-binary students to learn about issues they care about and take action by hosting listening sessions, political panels, speakers, on-campus demonstrations, events and more.


University of Minnesota - Twin Cities



Augsburg University



St. Olaf College



Spring Lake Park High School



Friends Who Write


Our lives are politicized long before we’re even old enough to vote.

Friends Who Write is a middle school creative writing program hosted by Women for Political Change in partnership with Friendship Academy of the Arts. The program provides students with the tools necessary to begin their leadership journeys, including exploration of identity and other aspects of self using personal narrative.