Gender Identity

Our definition of gender identity is one’s personal sense of their own gender.


Our definition of gender-marginalized individuals includes cisgender women, transgender women, transgender men, and non-binary individuals; all groups which have been historically and systematically oppressed by those in power, especially throughout the political realm.


Our definition of non-binary is anybody whose gender identity falls outside of the gender binary and cisnormativity.


Our definition of transgender is a person whose gender identity does not correspond with their assigned sex.

Underrepresented/Marginalized Communities

Our definition of marginalized communities are groups of people who have been pushed to the edge of society due to race, class, ethnicity, gender, or endless other identity-related reasons in the form of not allowing them an active voice, identity, or place in the society. Some individuals identify with multiple marginalized groups, and may experience further marginalization and lack of representation as a result of their intersecting identities.


Our definition of woman is anyone who identifies as a woman and is inclusive of people who are cisgender and transgender.


Our definition of young is anyone under the age of 30.