Growth. Action. Change.


Women for Political Change (WFPC) holistically invests in the leadership and political power of young women and trans & non-binary individuals throughout Minnesota.


We believe in building sustainable movements rooted in healing, transformative & electoral justice.

Our story

Before we officially became a nonprofit organization in 2018, we were organizing as a student group at the University of Minnesota. We came to college looking to get involved in political activism, but there wasn’t a space on campus where we could learn from one another, stand in solidarity, and take action on the political issues that affected our communities— so we made one. We’re excited to continue growing our coalition and we hope you’ll join us!


Accessibility as a core value.

As a practice in eliminating barriers and democratizing knowledge, we have put together a glossary of terms and phrases that relate to the work we do and populations we aim to serve. You can find that resource here.

Before you go: listen to our favorite jams here.